Boathouse 7 dockyard apprentice

Step into the world of Portsmouth Dockyard’s historic workforce at our Dockyard Apprentice exhibition. Delve into the lives of shipwright apprentices and other civilian Dockyard workers.

Explore the rich history of naval engineering, from traditional tools to the iconic Dreadnought class, through the lens of ordinary workers shaping maritime innovation.

Our friends at the Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historical Trust created and maintain this exhibition, and it is a firm favourite with those who want to go deeper into Portsmouth’s social history.



Come and see where history unfolds.

In Portsmouth, make your way past our 300 year old Dockyard Wall, stepping through Victory Gate into a world of living maritime heritage. Relax in the volunteer-tended Porter’s Garden and discover our Mast Pond, constructed during the reign of Charles II.

At Priddy’s Hard, explore this well-preserved former munition yard and its 18th century Camber Dock. Spot the historic tram lines, tracing the paths of workers and goods from years gone by.

Discover hidden histories and enjoy ever-changing views of Portsmouth Harbour from both sites of Portsmouth Historic Quarter.


Art at the quarter

Discover the vibrant intersection of culture and heritage at Portsmouth Historic Quarter. As custodians of historic buildings, boats, and spaces in and around Portsmouth Harbour, we’re not just preserving history; we’re breathing new life into it.

Visit Port and Lemon and Swanwick Studio’s vibrant workshop at Carpenter’s Yard in Priddy’s Hard.

Use your free Historic Quarter Pass to see captivating works at the Dockyard, such as Alice Hume’s Interactive Weaves, on display in the Porter’s Garden, and Pete Codling’s project “CROWD,” which vividly portrays the multi-cultural history of Portsmouth through thousands of charcoal portraits.



PHQ is where culture and craftsmanship combine.

Step into a world where history meets creativity, where the past intertwines with the present, and where local artists and shops breathe new life into our cherished heritage site.

Uncover one-of-a-kind artworks at I Can See The Sea, based in Porter’s Lodge, browse the treasure trove that is Nauticalia, where adults and children alike won’t be able to leave empty handed.

Visit the growing artists’ quarter in Carpenters’ Yard at Priddy’s Hard, where Port and Lemon and others create and sell stunning bespoke handmade artwork and homeware.