The Shifting House was first built to accommodate munitions workers changing into the non-spark clothing that they wore when working with explosives.

The site’s expansion from the mid-19th century was closely related to the development of land and sea artillery and the navy’s transition from the age of sail, powder and solid shot to the Dreadnought class of the early 1900s. The Camber Dock and Basin were used to load gunpowder onto boats for transfer to Portsmouth Royal Dockyard, where it would be used to arm the fleet. The patio doors of the property open onto a historic camber build in 1777.

In 1990, the property was listed on the National Heritage List for England. We took ownership of the site in 2009.

We completed the restoration of the property, undertaken with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, in 2022. This cottage is now available as a holiday let, named Adventure Prospect, hosting visitors to the local area.

The name ‘Adventure Prospect’ originates from twelve previous vessels of the Royal Navy that have been named ADVENTURE, the first in 1594; the sixth sailed with Captain Cook on his second voyage to the Pacific 1772-75; the twelfth was a minelayer built in 1924 that saw service in the Second World War. The cottage features this long and distinguished history, together with a record celebrating the participation of the yacht 50 years ago in the first Whitbread round the world race.