Carpenters’ Yard

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The history of Carpenters’ Yard is intricate and not entirely documented. The earliest components of the buildings are believed to date back to the initial construction phase of Priddy’s Hard in the 1780s. These structures may have served as the Coach House and Engine House.

By 1862 a Fire Engine House, Coach House, and Stables had been constructed along the southeast edge of the site. By 1903, Carpenter’s Yard was already in use as Works Department Workshops, and maintenance activities continued here until the site’s closure in 1988.

We are developing plans to transform Carpenters’ Yard at Priddy’s Hard into a dynamic hub of creativity and culture. Through the creation of more affordable studios for artists and the development of new public spaces, the project seeks to address the pressing need for infrastructure to support cultural and creative activities within the local area.