Camber Dock and Basin

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Historically, the Camber basin was essential for the functioning of the Priddy’s Hard. Despite various repairs over the years, the fundamental structure and layout have endured,

The Camber Basin served as a loading/unloading point for the Priddy’s Hard ordnance yard, equipped with two cranes and railings. Originally laid out between 1771 and 1776, the basin has undergone later alterations and additions. The walls, initially constructed in timber, have been replaced with stone and concrete, while railings are made of cast iron.

The basin has an irregular octagonal shape enclosed by walls on seven sides, with paving made of large irregular stone slabs. It adjoins the end of the Rolling Way from B Magazine on the west side.

Two 19th century cranes are situated on the dockside, one on the southeast and the other on the southwest side of The Camber, each anchored to a stone base. They feature steel bodies with windlass mechanisms and timber arms.