C Magazine, formerly known as Gunpowder Magazine (Building No. 435) at R.N.A.D. (Royal Naval Armament Depot) in Gosport, is a significant historical structure dating back to 1860/1.

This magazine served a crucial role in naval history during a period of technological advancement. Built at a time when the Royal Navy was adapting to new challenges posed by the development of ironclad, steam-powered, and shell-firing ships, C Magazine was designed to receive ammunition from ships undergoing refits or being decommissioned. Its construction coincided with the Palmerston administration’s commissioning of new forts around naval dockyards, with the earth traverse serving as a defence against enemy fire and accidental explosions.

C Magazine played a key role as part of the first integrated shell filling facility within an Ordnance Yard. It served as the northern terminus of the site’s tramway system, supplying the Laboratory Magazine and associated shell-filling rooms (now demolished). By the 1890s, it had transitioned into an expense magazine for storing gunpowder and cordite.

Constructed of brick in English bond with a flat roof, the building has a rectangular shape with a protective earth traverse along the south seaward side. A traverse is a raised mound of earth built for defence, providing protection against gunfire or enemy attack. The building reflects the strategic importance of naval armament depots during the late 19th century.

In 2018, we were awarded grant funding by the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the conversion and restoration of seven historic buildings, including C Magazine which now serves as a base for volunteer teams.