A Magazine is a particularly well preserved and rather magnificent example of a late 18th century classic British magazine type. Designed by Major Archer, Commanding Royal Engineer of the Portsmouth District, it was constructed from 1770 for the storage of gunpowder, which was delivered to Priddy’s Hard from Waltham Abbey, and then transported via the Camber Dock to Portsmouth Royal Dockyard.

The structure features a broad gabled block fortified with heavy buttresses along its sides and is crowned by central raking buttresses at each end. Inside, it consists of two spacious aisles connected by broad cross-vaults. Narrow ventilation slits punctuate the walls.

Originally enclosed within traverse walls, A Magazine later became part of a larger ensemble of structures. From around 1880, following the completion of E Magazine, A Magazine was primarily used to store small arms ammunition and filled rockets and shells.

Today, as an events venue and as part of the Explosion Museum, A Magazine offers visitors a glimpse into its past and a deeper understanding of naval history.